These spectacular entrees make for an exciting main event.

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22. Chicken with Cashew Nuts

Stir-fried chicken, beef, or tofu served with bell peppers, mushrooms,...
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25. Thai Fried Rice

Wok-fried rice full of vegetables, served with eggs and a choice of chicken...
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26. Stir-Fried Tofu and Peppers Spicy

Sweet Thai basil, tofu, bell peppers, and onions stir fried together in...
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N9. Pad Kra Pow

Your choice of chicken, beef, or tofu, sauteed with basil, onions, and...
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27. Broccoli or Spinach in Garlic Sauce

Lightly stir-fried greens served in a tangy garlic sauce.

21. Swimming Rama

Chicken or tofu on a bed of spinach topped with peanut sauce.
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29. Chicken, Beef or Tofu with Ginger

Your choice of chicken, beef, or tofu stir fried with onions, mushrooms,...
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28. Seafood in Three Flavour Sauce

Pineapple, prawns, fish, bell peppers, and onions sauteed in the chef’s s...

24. Mixed Vegetable in Curry Sauce

Mixed vegetables stir fried with curry sauce and fresh ginger.

23. Sweet and Sour or Garlic Veggies

Eat your veggies, Thai style, covered in a delicious tangy sauce.